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The Infamous ZEEK & GIZ first joined forces in the punk/comedy band the Snap-On Brothers back in 1977 in Dundee.
After the demise of the brothers in 1978, the boys still felt they had not reached the full potential of combining comedy with music and so formed this duo to continue the mayhem.
Zeek moved to the Netherlands in 1979, and a year later Giz joined him. They continued to write, record and annoy people up until 1985 with their brand of comedy and musical style. But it was about then they both started other projects, and their roads parted ways. Apart from a few recording sessions in the '90s, tracks that were never released, they did not play together on stage until a surprise appearance in 2020, at the local Burns Night Party in Alkmaar. It was after that that they felt the time was right for them to be released, once more on society and so Ladies and Gentlemen we give you


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